Exit Strategy : Guide to Selling A Business

How to sell your business for the best price and retire in style comfort!

Having an exit strategy out of your business is crucial. It goes well beyond the normal marketing strategies you use to build your business.

An exit strategy is like an insurance policy. Start working on yours now and you will get a great bonus in the years to come. But if you leave your exit planning until later, you will live to regret it.

There are millions of private companies in the U.S. and UK, and few of them give any thought to the long term direction and “end game”. Many business owners spend years learning how to run and grow a business, yet fail to plan how to sell up and exit. The cost can be significant, leaving owners unable to capitalize on their most valuable asset, the business, and squandering years of hard work.

Planning, preparation, recruiting good intermediaries, finding a quality buyer, negotiating the best price, dealing with accountants and concerned staff and avoiding potential traps – issues that require careful attention are all examined in Exit Strategy. Plus the advantages and disadvantages of options such as flotation, management buy out and straight sale of the business are explored.

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A Guide to Selling Your Business